Initial set up of MyLogin Device for schools using Wonde

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This guide presumes that MyLogin Device has been added to the school's Wonde School Portal via the Wonde Partner Hub.

MyLogin Device lets you set MyLogin as the identity provider (IdP) for Google Workspace/Chrome OS devices or Microsoft 365/Windows 11 devices, enabling simple, child-friendly logins for your devices and accounts. You can also link your users together; so if you use a combination of Google and Microsoft, your users can use one MyLogin credential to access both your Google Workspace/Chrome OS devices and your Microsoft 365/Windows 11 devices.


You can provision users into your MyLogin Device account using your Wonde connection, from Google or from Microsoft. We recommend using the Wonde connection to make your MIS the source of truth to provision your users from, as it is the most accurate and up to date source of your student and staff users. It also means you can take advantage of your class and year group information.

If you launch MyLogin Device from the Wonde School Portal, the Wonde connection will automatically become your default user provider (you can change this later if you choose to).

Launching and getting started

  1. Navigate to and log into your school's Wonde School Portal.

  2. Hover over the MyLogin Device tile and click Launch.

    download (4).png

  3. Your MyLogin administrator account will be created from your Wonde account and all your details will be automatically carried over. You just need to set a password as a MyLogin admin.

    Screenshot 2024-02-06 at 11.29.17.png

  4. This will create the connection with Wonde, and you just need to click Continue.

    download (11).png
  5. MyLogin Device will sync with your Wonde account and create your users from your MIS data. Once complete, just click Let's go!

    download (12).png

  6. You can now connect and sync Google and/or Microsoft to pull in users from these providers, by selecting Connect with Google or Connect with Microsoft.

    download (14).png

  7. Use the guides below to continue and complete the setup:
    1. Chrome OS devices / Google Workspace
    2. Windows 11 devices / Microsoft 365

  8. You are now ready to link your users together, which will allow you to use MyLogin as the identity provider for either Google Workspace/Chrome OS devices or Microsoft 365/Windows 11, or both together.

Matching Users 

MyLogin will keep your users in sync with your default user provider (in this example the MIS via the Wonde connection). So, if users are removed or created in your default provider, this will be reflected in your MyLogin users.

You then need to link your further providers (Microsoft 365 in this example) to your MyLogin users. This will let MyLogin know that it is the same person, and so they can use MyLogin to access their Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace.

  1. Navigate to Users > User Matching.
  2. On the left you, will see the new users sync from your default user provider. MyLogin will suggest a link to a user from your secondary provider, if there is a suitable one available. MyLogin will categorise these suggestions as Strong, Medium or Weak.

  3. You can accept these suggestions one at a time by person by clicking on the 3 dots and selecting 'Link suggested user' 

    Screenshot 2024-03-12 at 14.40.57.png

  4. Alternatively, you can approve these suggestions in bulk. We would recommend filtering initially to strong matches. Suggestions are classed as 'Strong' if the First Name, Last Name and Email Address all match. Note: if you are connecting two additional providers (for example Google and Microsoft), a strong match in either provider will show in the filtered list. 
    • For strong matches, there is a very high chance these matches will be good. However, we recommend still checking you are happy with the match; and if not, you can choose to ignore the suggestion.Screenshot 2024-03-12 at 14.53.19.png
    • Work through the list, ignoring any suggestions that you don't feel are correct. Once you have ignored these suggestions, you can accept the remaining suggestions in bulk. Click Select All.

      Screenshot 2024-03-12 at 15.01.19.png

    • Then Accept Suggestions for.. and the appropriate user provider e.g. Microsoft.

      Screenshot 2024-03-12 at 15.01.30.png

  5. Once you have resolved the Strong matches, work through the Medium and Weak matches using the same process, checking the matches are appropriate as you move down the scale.
  6. Once you have resolved all your suggestions, you can look at matching any remaining users manually as in step 3. If you cannot find a suitable user to match to, it usually means the user does not exist in your additional provider. Please check they exist in Google or Microsoft in the appropriate Organisational Unit or domain.
    • If you need to add users to one of your additional providers, please make sure you manually kick-off a sync to pull those users through to MyLogin. You can do this in Settings > User Provider > Google/Microsoft/Wonde.
      Screenshot 2024-03-12 at 15.10.51.png


What if I have linked the wrong people together?

If you think you have incorrectly matched users, it's easy to unmatch them.

  1. Simply filter to 'Matched' users.

    Screenshot 2024-03-12 at 15.14.18.png
  2. Search for the incorrectly linked user.

    Screenshot 2024-03-12 at 15.14.55.png
  3. And click the three dots then select 'Unlink user' 

    Screenshot 2024-03-12 at 15.13.14.png

What if a user exists in one provider but not another? 

In order to use MyLogin, a user must exist in your default provider. If they exist in your default provider but not in your secondary provider(s), they will only be able to use MyLogin in relation to the default provider. For example, if Google is your default provider, they will be only able to use MyLogin Device to access their configured Workspace/Chrome OS devices and accounts; if Wonde is the default provider, they will only be able to log into MyLogin and nothing else; and if Microsoft is the default provider, they will be only able to use MyLogin Device to access their Microsoft 365/Windows 11 devices and accounts.

If they exist in one of your additional providers but not your default provider, you will not be able to link them to a MyLogin user as one does not exist and therefore they cannot use MyLogin. You can either archive that user so it is not offered as a link option anymore; or if you want them to be able to use MyLogin, you would need to add them to your default provider and then link them.

See the diagram below for more information.

Mylogin user linking colour 1.png

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