MyLogin Device and MyLogin SSO FAQs

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MyLogin Device specific FAQs:

Q: Can MyLogin Device work with local Active Directory?
A: It can as long as your organisation has access to Entra ID connect.  MyLogin will only be able to link accounts from Microsoft Entra ID and the devices need to also be cloud managed via Intune or hybrid managed both in local AD and Intune.

Q: Once MyLogin is enacted as the IdP for Chrome OS Devices, will this mean that when users login into their device they are also logged into their Google account and Google Workspace applications?
A: Yes.

Q: Once MyLogin is enacted as the IdP for Windows 11 Devices, will this mean that when users log into their device they are also logged into their Microsoft account and Microsoft 365 environment?
A: Yes.

Q: If devices are shared at the school is MyLogin Device capable of logging different users into the same device?
A: Yes, shared devices are compatible with MyLogin Device. 

Q: Does MyLogin Device work with Windows 10 devices?
A: All Windows devices will need to be utilising Windows 11.  

Q: Can MyLogin be the identity provider for both Google and Microsoft?
A: Yes, MyLogin can be the IdP for Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 and by extension Chrome OS devices and Windows 11 devices. This is also to say that the all methods of authentication in MyLogin will be capable of logging into both Microsoft and Google devices/accounts.

Q: Does MyLogin Device affect all users and can we apply it to only certain users within the school?
A: Both Google and Microsoft support this. Please refer to our support guides for details on how to isolate the requirement for MyLogin authentication to a specific organisational unit (Google) or domain/subdomain (Microsoft).

Q: Is there a minimum OS version of Google that a Chromebook needs to be on?
A: No.


MyLogin SSO specific FAQs:

Q: Do I need to use a specific web browser for MyLogin SSO?
A: Currently, only Chromium-based browsers are compatible. E.g Google Chrome, Edge

Q: Can teachers log into their staff-based applications via the MyLogin SSO?
A: Yes, provided the application in question is available in MyLogin. Apps can be toggled on/off for visibility of teachers and students.

Q: Can MyLogin SSO be used from home?
A: Yes, for web based applications.

Q: Do teachers have control over how the apps look on the dashboard, and which apps are at the top of the list?
A: A MyLogin admin can choose which applications appear for students and teachers independently. 



FAQs applicable to MyLogin Device and MyLogin SSO:

Q: Can MyLogin Device or MyLogin SSO create the groups and classrooms inside of Google/Microsoft?
A: It can not, Wonde's Edusync product is capable of provisioning and matching data from MIS to Google/Microsoft. Please see the Edusync website for further information

Q: Can a child choose their own Emoji password?
A: Emoji passwords are set automatically and can not be chosen.

Q: As an administrator can I remove some of the login options for users?
A: Yes, you will be able to select which options are visible to users. For example, you can select only the Magic badge option if you only want this method of authentication to be available. These options are found on the ‘Login modes’ tab on the MyLogin settings page.

Q: What if a user forgets their password or magic badge?
A: A MyLogin teacher account can print off their Magic badge or Emoji password or provide a temporary access PIN. An admin can generate a new login credential entirely.

Q: Where does MyLogin Device and MyLogin SSO get it's data from and where is the data stored?
A: Both MyLogin systems can use MIS, Google or Microsoft as the source of it's data. Any data Wonde holds is held with Amazon Web Services servers. Further information on Wonde’s policies and security can be viewed here -

Q: Do I need your Edusync product for MyLogin Device or SSO to work?
A: Edusync is not mandatory for MyLogin Device or SSO. Edusync makes quick work of provisioning your Google or Microsoft environment. When paired with MyLogin Device and/or SSO it will make it even easier to manage your users and provide them with a simple login method to their devices and/or apps.

Q: I want to use MyLogin SSO on a different computer to MyLogin Device. Are the users able to access MyLogin SSO from different devices that aren't set up for MyLogin Device?
A: Yes, users will be able to use MyLogin SSO on devices that are not utilising MyLogin Device as an identity provider with MyLogin Device.


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