Deploying the Wonde Chrome extension to Google Chrome via Google Admin Console to support Saved Passwords

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In order for you to utilise the Saved Passwords functionality of the Wonde Single Sign-On, you will first need to have the Wonde Chrome extension installed on the device you will be using.
To help you make that process less time consuming, we have compiled the guide below to help you deploy our Chrome extension to devices provisioned to your Google tenant, via the Google Admin Console.

  1. In your Google Admin console (at

  2. Go to Menu and then Devices > Chrome > Apps & extensions. The Overview page opens by default.

    If you signed up for Chrome Browser Cloud Management, go to Menu and then Chrome browser > Apps & extensions.

  3. At the top, click the type of app or extension you want to automatically install:
    • Users & browsers—For users who sign in with a managed Google Account on any device, and for enrolled browsers.
    • Managed guest sessions—For users who sign in to a managed guest session on a managed ChromeOS device.

  4. On the left, choose who you want to automatically install the app for:
    • Users & browsers—To apply the setting to all users and browsers, leave the top organisational unit selected. Otherwise, select a child organisational unit or group.
    • Managed guest sessions—To apply the setting to all users, leave the top organisational unit selected. Otherwise, select a child organisational unit.

  5. Click the + button in the bottom right-hand corner. Select the option to Add the Chrome app or extension by ID and enter "kmhfkeaanbokocpddnjlocbefjcpohhl" with the From the Chrome Web Store option enabled and then Save.

  6. In the panel that opens on the right, under Installation policy, choose Force install or Force install + pin to ChromeOS taskbar.

  7. Click Save. If you configured an organisational unit or group, you might be able to either Inherit or Override a parent organisational unit, or Unset a group.

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