Initial setup of MyLogin SSO for schools using Wonde

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This guide presumes that MyLogin SSO has been added to the school's Wonde School Portal.

MyLogin SSO lets you use a single credential to sign in to a range of learning applications using an array of simple, child-friendly logins

You can provision users into your MyLogin SSO account using your Wonde connection, or from Google Workspace or Microsoft Entra ID. We recommend using the Wonde connection to make your MIS the source of truth to provision your users from, as it is the most accurate and up to date source of your student and staff users. It also means you can take advantage of your class and year group information.

If you launch MyLogin SSO from the Wonde School Portal, the Wonde connection will automatically become your default user provider (you can change this later if you choose to).

Launching and getting started

  1. Navigate to and log into your school's Wonde School Portal.
  2. Hover over the MyLogin SSO tile and click Launch.
  3. Your MyLogin administrator account will be created from your Wonde account and all your details will be automatically carried over. You just need to set a password as a MyLogin admin, you can then use this password to sign in directly at

  1. This will create the connection with Wonde, and you just need to click Continue.
  2. MyLogin SSO will sync with your Wonde account and create your users from your MIS data. Once complete, just click Let's go!

  1. You’re now all set up so you can click ‘complete set-up’ or check out the apps that are available to you by clicking ‘Explore the app directory’

Log In Methods 

MyLogin offers a number of different login options suitable for all age groups from reception to staff members. You can choose which type of password option you want to turn on for your school in the MyLogin settings. Simply choose the selection of login methods you want to make available to your users. 


Distributing Credentials

Once you have decided which login methods you want to offer to your users you can distribute your credentials.

  1. Navigate to the Users tab in the dashboard.
  2. From here you can download credentials individually
  3. Or in bulk. You can use the filters to download by user type or by user groups and classes. Group and class information is synced from your MIS via the Wonde connection.
  4. You can also ask teachers to download and print credentials for their own classes if you like. They can filter the users to only their class groups and download and print credentials from there. 
  5. They simply need to log in to the Teacher Dashboard using their credentials to access users in their classes

You are now ready to distribute credentials to users. To begin adding applications for your users to launch on their MyLogin SSO dashboards, see our guide here first.


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